Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The large jet card provider has some special offers for new card buyers this holiday season. 


Each new 25 hour jet card comes with an extra $5,000 flight credit, plus a Nieman Marcus $1,000 gift card. In addition the company will donate $1,000 to No Kid Hungry, an organization working to end hunger and poverty.

What's more, the hourly rates are locked for 18 months, which is 6 months longer than Sentients normal rate-lock period.

Pricing starts at $131,800 for 25 hours on a light jet in their "Select" category. If you are looking at larger aircraft, Sentient offers their 25-Hour Plus (SJ25+) jet card, which starts at $224,275 for 25 hours on a super-mid size with guaranteed wi-fi. New buyers of these SJ25+ cards will receive a $2,500 Neiman Marcus cards. 

It's up to you whether to keep the gift card or put it in someone else's stocking as a gift.

All Sentient card holders also have access to their partner special offers, which include various travel and lifestyle benefits with leading hotels, resorts and luxury lifestyle providers.





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