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Sunday, May 19, 2024

NetJets sells its jet cards under two brand names - The Marquis Jet Card in North America and NetJets Europe Private Jet Card. Both are available in different commitment levels and also in various aircraft type combinations. Altogether, between both brands, NetJets has over 3,900 jet card clients.

When you purchase a jet card from NetJets, you gain access to the worldwide fleet of nearly 700 aircraft. These vary from the light Citation Bravo and Encore up to large cabin, long range Gulfstream G550 and Bombardier Global 6000.

Whichever aircraft type you choose for your 25 hour NetJets card, you have the opportunity to exchange among the 15 jet types in the NetJets worldwide fleet, This means you can use the aircraft best suited for every mission, with downgrades guaranteed and upgrades subject to availability.

The 25 hour cards have a lifetime of 18 months and 50 hour cards are good for 2 years. At the end of the term, any unused hours are available for use with the purchase of a new card.

Holders of US based Marquis Jet Cards can use their hours in Europe (and vice-versa) with flight hours based on predetermined inter-program exchange rates. As a broad general rule, the inter-program rates for exchanging to a NetJets Europe aircraft are higher than those for comparable aircraft exchange within the NetJets U.S. program, this is becuase of the higher costs of operating in Europe.

NetJets also offers two special card types. The Marquis Jet Combo Card splits the 25 hours evenly between a combination of a large cabin aircraft with a light or midsize cabin aircraft, The Marquis Jet X-Country Card is for flights on the Citation X between five West Coast states or the Canadian city of Vancouver and 16 East Coast states, the District of Columbia, or 14 East Coast Canadian cities, plus four California gateway airports and Hawaii. The X-Country Card offers a 20% saving on regular rates. NetJets does not split out the number of holders of these specialty jet cards.