Friday, October 23, 2020

If you are looking for a personalized solution for your next jet card, Magellan Jets has just announced a new "Build-A-Card" program. Customers can choose from a selection of options, to create the perfect card for their own traveling needs. The choices include jet category, amount of hours, and two additional add-ons, including no peak surcharge and 1.5 hour minimums.

The options to choose from include:

  1. Choose the jet size
    1. Light: Light Jet Flex / Hawker 400 XP/ Beechjet 400A
    2. Midsize: Learjet 60/ Hawker 800/ Hawker 800XP
    3. Supermid: Citation X or Challenger 300
    4. Large: Challenger 604 /Gulfstream 400/ Gulfstream 450
  2. Choose the number of hours
    1. 25 Hours
    2. 50 Hours
    3. 75 Hours
    4. 100 Hours
  3. Choose a perk
    1. No Fuel Surcharge – Take advantage of a no fuel surcharge lock for 12 months on this card and save big.
    2. No Peak Surcharge – The perfect solution for the leisure traveler who flies during holidays and peak times.
    3. 1.5 Hour Minimums – Have more short flights? Lower your daily flight minimum while still taking advantage of the industry’s most competitive rates.
    4. 18 Month Term- Don’t fly often & worried you may not use your full card in 12 months? Take advantage of an 18 month term!
  4. Choose an add-on
    1. Complimentary catering
    2. Complimentary Ground Transportation
    3. Free Aircraft Upgrades. Choose two flights to move up a size-category for free.
    4. No Interchange Fees. Upgrade or downgrade at an even rate whenever you need to.

Here are a few examples of the many different combinations that can be created using the Magellan Jets tool:

Beechjet 400A
25 hours
No Fuel Surcharge
Complimentary catering
Card Cost: $99,000.00
Federal Excise Tax: $7,425.00
Total: $106,425.00

Hawker 800
50 hours
No Peak Surcharge
Complimentary ground transportation
Card Cost: $279,750.00
Federal Excise Tax: $20,981.25
Total: $300,731.25

Challenger 300
25 Hours
1.5 Hour Minimums
Free Aircraft Upgrades
Card Cost: $212,500.00
Federal Excise Tax: $15,937.50
Total: $228,437.50

Beechjet 400A
75 hours
No Fuel Surcharge
Complimentary Ground Transportation
Card Cost: $297,000.00
Federal Excise Tax: $22,275.00
Total: $319,275.00

Gulfstream 400
50 hours
No Peak Surcharge
Complimentary Ground Transportation
Card Cost:  $599,450.00
Federal Excise Tax:  $44,958.75
Total: $644,408.75

Most of the large fractional providers and charter companies offer jet cards on a variety of aircraft and for different numbers of hours. There are even cards for as short as five hours offered as special promotions. This is the first time we've seen a selection like this which lays out the various options.



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