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Saturday, July 20, 2024

During 2020, the global business aviation company VistaJet saw an increase of 29% in new subscription memberships year-on-year. This is VistaJet’s equivalent of a jet card product offering fixed hourly rates.

Europe accounted for 43% of new members, North America 25%, Asia 18% and the Middle East 10%. The overall 29% was the fastest rate since the Company’s foundation. It was also a record year for VistaJet’s on demand services, with bookings growing at 15% year-on-year. The Company expects to see a continuation in this growth in demand from both corporate and first-time fliers wanting to conduct travel safely and without delays across the globe.

In terms of flight activity in 2020, Europe registered the greatest number of VistaJet flights, accounting for 46% of total flights, and North America 26%. In Asia, strong demand was recorded for flights in and out of China, which accounted for 28% of flights across the Asian region, and the UAE accounted for 34% of flights across the Middle East.

Thomas Flohr, Vista Global Founder and Chairman, said: “We are entering 2021 with optimism and grounded positivity following the unprecedented events of 2020. It is a pivotal and exciting time in our sector and I am extremely aware of the critical, growing role private aviation will play as part of the global economy for years to come.”

VistaJet hostess

In October 2020, VistaJet launched its Dynamic Corporate Membership, offering a full suite of flexible travel solutions for businesses and executives around the world with minimum commitment.

It also launched VistaJet Private World, a global program for private travel, offering members complete privacy and safety at all stages of their journey through a fully integrated travel platform with leading partners around the globe.

Private World partners include islands, historical estates, private retreats, slopes, suites and yachts. Starting from the best suites in the cities where VistaJet customers fly the most for business – London, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Dubai, Milan, Nice, Beijing, Shanghai and Moscow; extending to the most in demand sea and mountain resorts – Courchevel, Maldives, The Bahamas, Aspen, Fiji – as well as destinations that are out of the ordinary, to travel off-grid; with complete buyouts as the new emerging category for private travel, expanding to estates, islands and yachts, to ensure total privacy.

Matteo Atti, VistaJet’s EVP of Marketing and Innovation, said “Private World marks the start of a radical transformation of the top end of the travel industry. A shift in the business model not governed anymore by volumes of booking, but led by quality, trust and shared values. Our selection of partners is inspired by the desire to protect, preserve and promote the highest know-how of the best hospitality services. We work every day to ensure customers can access the best the world has to offer. Our Members know that when they enter the VistaJet Private World they step into a place of tranquility, safety and excellence.”

VistaJet provides access to 187 countries on their own fleet of over 70 Bombardier super-mid and large cabin aircraft, with regional flying in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.