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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Solairus manages one of the five largest fleets of well-appointed, late-model aircraft in the USA. It offers a jet card type program that it calls Altitude By Solairus, and refers to this as a private membership charter club. Here's an overview of the program.

There are two types of program offered by Solairus Aviation. One is a standard 25 hour jet card type product, where you pre-pay the hours on a certain size aircraft. The other is a fixed deposit program, where you commit at least $100,000 and this locks in the hourly rates on four classes of aircraft categories.

25 Hour Card Membership

The 25 hour program works well if you know that you'll always require the same size aircraft for your missions. For instance if you fly the same route, with the same number of people on a regular basis.

Level  Price  Example Aircraft
1. Very Light Jets  $130,000  Citation Mustang, Phenom 100
2. Light Jets  $165,000  Hawker 400XP, Ciation CJ3+
3. Mid Size Jets  $202,000  LearJet 60, Hawker 900XP
4. Super Mid Size Jets  $276,000  Challenger 605, Falcom 200 LS


Fixed Dollar Program

This program is designed for people who need to use a variety of aircraft for different types of missions. For example you may have just one or two people flying a 1,000 miles in a light jet on one trip, and then the next trip requires a super-mid size to fly 6 people 2,500 miles.

Level Price/hour Max. Fuel Surcharge
1. Very Light Jets  $4,590  $250
2. Light Jets  $5,800  $250
3. Mid Size Jets  $7,100  $400
4. Super Mid Size Jets  $9,800  $750


Both of the programs provide access to the Solairus Managed Charter Fleet along with access to their extensive worldwide charter network. Under both types of program there is a minimum charged flight time of 1.5 hours/day on the Level 1 & Level 2 aircraft. The Level 3 & Level 4 aircraft have a 2.0 hours/day minimum flight time charge.

Reserving an aircraft can be done with 24 hours notice for typical non-peak periods, but during 15 peak period days each years there is a 5 day notice window to guarantee availability. As with many jet card programs, round trip flights can qualify for a discount, with savings of up to 25%.