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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Cofounders Patrick Harris and Jessica Osterneck started Velocity Jets in 2007. The companies jet cards offer access to a range of aircraft from turboprops, light jets up to heavy jets such as Gulfstream IV and V's.

Velocity Jet Card members have guaranteed pricing and only pay for occupied flight hours, not the time spent positioning your plane before or after a flight. All of the aircrafts utilized by Velocity are ARGUS and Wyvern-rated.

Here's a full run down on the features and benefits of the Velocity Jet Card:

  • No reposition fees
  • No overnight fees
  • No Fuel Surcharges
  • No management fees
  • Transferrable
  • ARG/Platinum and Wyvern rated aircraft
  • Guaranteed one-way pricing
  • Only 24 hour notice required
  • No black out periods or peak travel fees
  • Jet Card can be in any size, starting at $100K deposit
  • Utilize Light Mid, Super-Mid, or Heavy jet aircraft without penalty
  • 100% refundable at any time for any reason
  • Secure funds - all deposits go into escrow account
  • No expiration date, no hourly adjustments
  • Locked hourly rates for the life of the card

Pricing (in early 2015) for their 25 hour cards is:

 Aircraft Size  Cost Per Hour Equivalent
 Light $125,000 $5,000
 Mid $155,000 $6,200


$220,000 $8,800
 Heavy $250,000 $10,000

These rates are certainly pretty competitive and cheaper than the cards provided by the major fractional providers.