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Sunday, May 19, 2024

This 25 hour jet card is offered to both corporate and individual China-based travelers, for when they travel abroad.  The card grants entry to a large cabin aircraft in the NetJets U.S. and European fleet for an 18-month term, and is designed to be used by Chinese travelers in the U.S., EU and Switzerland.

"NetJets guarantees aircraft availability within as little as 10 hours. This specialty product is designed to get our customers where they want to go, when they want to go in an aircraft specially intended to meet their needs."

Adam Johnson, Senior Vice President, NetJets Global Marketing, Sales and Service

The Private Jet Traveler Card is NetJets' first product offering targeted at China-based travelers. All Private Jet Travel Card flights in the United States are operated by NetJets Aviation, Inc., a subsidiary of NetJets Inc. Flights in Europe are operated by NetJets Transportes Aereos, S.A., a European partnership with NetJets.

NetJets Business Aviation Limited has also just obtained its CCAR-135 operation certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, allowing the company to begin offering private aircraft charter services in China.

NetJets Business Aviation Limited is a joint venture among NetJets Inc.; Hony Jinsi Investment Management (Beijing) Limited, a subsidiary of Hony Capital, a leading private equity firm in China; and Fung Investments, the private investment arm of the families of Dr. Victor Fung and Dr. William Fung, the controlling shareholders of the Fung Group of companies based in Hong Kong. NetJets Business Aviation Limited’s operational headquarters are based in the Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, in Zhuhai Guangdong Province, China.