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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Northern Jet, a leading private jet operator, has recently merged with Florida-based SpeedBird. Their combined fleet of 37 aircraft and ARGUS Platinum rating solidify their position as a major player in the industry. But the real news lies in their newly launched jet card programs, on Citation CJ3+ and Citation X jets.

Jet Card Options

Northern Jet offers all-inclusive jet cards on two Cessna aircraft models:

The Citation CJ3+ light jet: Enjoy point-to-point convenience at an attractive $7,450 per hour, including fuel and taxes. Ideal for shorter trips within a range of 1,400 nautical miles.

The fast Citation X super-mid: Conquer longer distances in comfort with a competitive $10,500 per hour rate, covering up to 3,000 nautical miles in the 8 seat super-mid.

Guaranteed Access and Flexibility

Both cards offer guaranteed availability with just 72 hours' notice and have a two-year term to use the 25 hours. 

Interchange Program: Access the entire Northern Jet fleet, including larger Learjets, Gulfstreams, and Challengers, at fixed conversion rates.

Seamless Experience: No hidden fees or surprise costs. All-inclusive pricing covers everything from fuel and taxes to pilot fees and ground handling.

Citation CJ3+ Fractional Program

Northern Jet is also offering fractional ownership in the CJ3+. The seven passenger CJ3+ has a maximum range of about 2,000nm, but is typically used for passenger flights up to about 1,400 nm. Pricing in a late model CJ3+ with 1/16th fractional shares, equivalent to 50 hours of flying per year, is $599,000.

Owners also pay a monthly management fee and an occupied hourly rate, with a lower hourly rate for flights that return the same day.

Catering to Diverse Journeys

The merger has brought together two distinct client bases: Northern Jet's leisure-oriented flyers traveling between the Midwest and Southern Florida, and SpeedBird's business-driven clientele along the East Coast. 

Speaking about the merger Chuck Cox, Chairman of the combined company said “It was important for us to find a company that shared the same values and commitment to putting our clients first and providing sophisticated and safe service to airports throughout the country and abroad.”