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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Priester Aviation, one of the largest private jet operators, is bringing back its Centerline Jet Card. Priester says this 25 hour, guaranteed availability product is for customers who fly frequently and expect concierge-level service.

About Priester Aviation

Priester Aviation was founded in 1945 by George Priester and is now run by his grandson Andy Priester. It is one of the most experienced private aviation companies, specializing in aircraft management, jet charter and private travel solutions. The fleet consists of over 65 aircraft, managed from 15 bases. The company holds the highest safety accreditations including the ARGUS Platinum rating, Wyvern approval, IS-BAO Stage III and Air Charter Safety Foundation certifications.

Centerline Jet Card

The invitation-only service provides clients access to immediate booking and guaranteed availability, easing concerns they may have experienced of aircraft scarcity within the charter marketplace. Like many other card programs, Centerline Jet Card is sold in a 25-hour option, ideal for budgeting and planning purposes.

“The Centerline Jet Card client is the one who recognizes the value of an elevated flight experience,” says Andy Priester, Chairman and CEO of Priester Aviation. “They appreciate the industry-leading level of personal attention and professionalism our team and crew provide during a flight. Now we’re able to offer that exceptional service with even more flexibility for them. It’s the best of both worlds – like having their own flight department on call, without making a long-term commitment.”

After placing a refundable deposit, Centerline customers enjoy no positioning fees, guaranteed availability, flexible cabin class and point-to-point pricing.

Priester recently entered five new aircraft into charter service from its managed fleet to deliver high-quality, responsive services in key markets. Its charter fleet includes a variety of aircraft sizes to meet the mission. From light to heavy jets with long range and capabilities, each class offers well-maintained, expertly crewed aircraft that fits customer needs.

Having an expanded charter fleet allowed Priester to reintroduce its Centerline program in a time when some competitors are reducing their offerings. Centerline provides clients an easy-to-reload solution that comes with transparent accounting and a dedicated account representative to manage their purchased time.

Priester says the current program is "invite only", limiting how many members they will accept into the program, in order to ensure Centerline members receive the highest client service and to ensure fleet availability.