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Saturday, July 20, 2024

The leading private jet operator NetJets has said it will not be offering jet cards in 2022. Its current focus is on its fractional jet and lease programs and continuing to offer the service levels to these owners.

NetJets had put new jet cards sales on hold in the middle of 2021, due to the high demand as both new and existing customers started to do more private flying. When jet card sales were first paused it was just on NetJets small cabin jets, but the company quickly extended this pause to the whole fleet. NetJets did introduce a waitlist for customers who want to buy a jet card when sales restart. The company has said it has over four thousand people on this list.

In January 2022 NetJets said “we hope to return to selling our full product lineup by spring.” But demand for private flights has continued at record levels and Netjets is still focusing on its fractional jet and lease programs. The message on the NetJets website says:

“The Card Program is an important part of our business; however, to preserve the level of service our Owners deserve, we will not be offering the Card Program for the remainder of 2022.”

NetJets has changed its lease program to offer a 25 hour a year option. But this lease program is for a 3 year minimum term – in other words is for 75 hours in total, compared to just 25 hours over two years on its jet card program.